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Our 300,000 square foot facility allows us greater manufacturing capabilities than most of our competitors

American Manufacturing specializes in the high volume production of standard steel containers for Chrysler, Ford, General Motors and their suppliers. We are privileged to be the preferred supplier to all three automotive manufacturers simultaneously. We work with all of our customers to optimize container designs that maximize performance and minimize cost. We bring a broad level of experience to the table to help select materials and processes known to result in designs that work without breaking the bank.

Over 55 welding stations are manned by some of the best welders in North West Ohio.
Many large ton presses form millions of pound of steel into the desired shape
The main welding area has over 40 skilled welders creating strong and durable products
American Manufacturing also restores old containers back to almost new

For customers that want to have us manufacture their products, we start by ensuring that the project requirements are completely defined and documented. We then either integrate your existing tooling, fixtures and processing equipment into our production system, or we build these tools in-house. Our administrative processes and procedures allow us to seamlessly communicate with your ordering systems and we cross train a team of managers to make sure that your product is run right and on time.


Our ergonomic equipment has been in use throughout the automotive industry for over 30-years. The various designs have been continuously reviewed and improved through the use of customer feedback and our own adaptations to constantly evolving customer requirements. We have designed our equipment in a way that allows us to customize it in order to provide solutions for your unique requirements. Robust and simple to use, all you need to do to get going is bolt it down and plug it in.


We are a CUSTOM BUILD house at heart. Our site includes lists of the most often used container sizes. This can also be used as a starting point. If you don’t see what you need, contact us. We know better than anyone how to develop a fit for your application.


This same message applies to the ergonomic equipment. No two installations are ever exactly the same. We know that and adapt our equipment to meet your needs.


We know that time is of the essence and that some requirements cannot be anticipated. We stock a broad range of container sizes that can be used to get your project started. We also offer compact lead times for ergonomic equipment by maintaining an inventory of basic components waiting to be assembled in a way that will suit your needs."

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All of our products are available in custom sizes. Just ask!




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